I am The World's Greatest

I may not be your favorite color. I understand that very well, because even the rainbow has seven colors, and everyone has their favorite in there. So I understand, even if I am not one of them, that’s fine. That’s cool. I’m not a fool. I’ve got my own stool. Glad I’m a useful tool. Glad I'm also a crayon. Not your favorite crayon. 
March, 2016, London, UK.
Let's stop bullying each other because of this rayon.
My face is glittering in glory because, me too I'm part of the story, at least. I'm part of the team. I’m on board. I’m in the boat. That makes it simple. That's the dimple we all need in our cheeks. I am that human. That being, a human being.
Count me when you are counting the world’s greatest. Don’t forget me when you are listing the world’s change initiators. The world's best. Here I stand. You can't find me anywhere else. I'm that rare. I am the mass of the masses. The lyrics of the new song. Here I am. I'm that rare. I'm that great, I’m the world's greatest.
Remember me when you are honoring your heroes. For a zero is needed to make one hundred one thousand. Me too I’m important. Me too I'm one of your own. Me too I’m somebody. My name is great.

When you walk into the library or a bookshop to buy books of great writers, do not forget to pick up one of my books. The cover may not be captivating; the title may be confusing, but didn’t your nursery school teacher tell you not to judge a chicken by the size of its plumage?
Remember to get a copy of my book too to read Because me too I’ve got something to tell you My book is that good. So good to be on the bestseller list There is something in there I wrote just for you.
Something to slake your dehydration.
I am water on my own. I am a certain kind of liquid that you don’t swallow. You don’t drink. You eat. You masticate. I am sweeter than sugar and honey mixed together. Forget about jam, mayonnaise or butter. They are not better than me. I’m best than them all put together. I am the poetry of my own metaphor. I am that good.When you need a genuine friend to friend, Come around my garden. I mean you can enter my cottage. My villa. That’s where you will get your vanilla or neapolitan or cappuccino ice cream to eat.
Go and tell everyone that Now you know who I am I am that Great. By the way my name is Richard. It is pronounced RichChild.
Say that again.
I mean, people like you win.
Because even in ashes, there is hope.

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