Did You Know You Have A Ladder in You?

There are people in your life right now who are probably aware of what you are doing. They have seen you going up and down, left and right, every day.  They have been informed by your actions that you are pursing your purpose. They see you want to make an impact, change the world in a way. They know you are passionate about your passions, crazy about your talents, creativity, gifts. They know you got some amazing ideas, magnate ideas. They can see a hungry gentle soul ready to take the world by storm.

They know your name: The Talented Poet. The Talented Speaker. The Talented Writer. The Talented Rapper. The Talented Musician. The Talented Actor. The Talented Actress. The Talented. ……you fill in the blank space! They see you need something, something to help achieve your dreams.  They know how to get it. Some have it, some don’t. Some wish to help, some don’t want to. Those who would like to help fear you blooming bigger than them. So they are just watching you hustle. They are watching you suffer. They are just watching. You wish they could teach you how to get it, but they are not. You wish they could lend you a helping hand, but they are not. They will not. 

And you too your eyes are so fixed on. You see them as your last hope and treat them as gods. You feel you need them. You need help. We all need help at some point in our lives. But if no one is ready to help you, then help yourself. Because the people you are trusting that they would help you knows you need them, but they won’t help you.

It is not as if they have not seen you trying much as you can to climb up that mountain, overcome that challenge, or achieve the desires of your heart or break that addiction. Believe me, they have. They have witnessed your movements. They have seen a dreamer. They know you have a dream. They are watching how you are going to climb up to the mountain top without their ladder, without their support, without their push. They wanna see how you are going to fry your egg without their oil and frying pan and their gas cooker.

 They want to see how you can get to your promised land without their aircraft, their train, their ship, their car. You know why you have not climbed up yet? You know why you have not gotten to your promised land? It is because your eyes are still on the ladder they have, and by ladder I mean, the encouragement you need, the money you need, the opportunities you are looking for, the aircraft you need to fly you, the ship that you need to carry you, and the position they have but are not using to push you. That is heaping up bad blood, which your body, soul, and spirit does not need in you.

It is upsetting you that they can lend you their ladder yet they are just watching and giggling when you are there struggling each and every day. They are your uncles, Aunties, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, bosses, workmates, and classmates. You are growing weaker and weaker, because they have seen you hustling yet they are not helping you, forgetting that, there is a ladder in you stronger than the ladder they have that you think you need. I said there is a ladder in you stronger than the ladder they have that you think you need.

That is your problem. That is why you have not climbed up to the mountaintop. That is why you are still in the valley.If you are going to climb up the mountain you need to take your eyes of the ladder they have and use what you have to start climbing. What am I saying?

If you are going to defy the odds, you need to take your eyes off your circumstances. Take your eyes off what others have, which you believe you need in order to succeed. If certainly you need what they have, God will provide you your own. You just need to stop focusing them, and use what you have at where you are.Today, if only you can take your eyes off all those ladders you see around you, and bring out the ladder in you, you will see yourself climbing higher than those people you are seeing.

Do not act as if you cannot climb up that mountain without their ladder. Believe you can, and you will.

There is a ladder in every human being. It is an unseen ladder. You cannot touch it, but you can activate it by faith. Activate your ladder today. How do you activate that ladder? Very simple. Believe that you got a ladder in you. Believe you are going to get to the top. Believe in yourself and in your dream. Take a step and you will see a ladder show up.

You know what it is?

It's time to climb up that mountain. Time to overcome that challenge. 
It's time to achieve that dream.
It's time to bring out your ladder.

You got a ladder in you!

Happy climb, Champ!


I am The World's Greatest

I may not be your favorite color. I understand that very well, because even the rainbow has seven colors, and everyone has their favorite in there. So I understand, even if I am not one of them, that’s fine. That’s cool. I’m not a fool. I’ve got my own stool. Glad I’m a useful tool. Glad I'm also a crayon. Not your favorite crayon. 
March, 2016, London, UK.
Let's stop bullying each other because of this rayon.
My face is glittering in glory because, me too I'm part of the story, at least. I'm part of the team. I’m on board. I’m in the boat. That makes it simple. That's the dimple we all need in our cheeks. I am that human. That being, a human being.
Count me when you are counting the world’s greatest. Don’t forget me when you are listing the world’s change initiators. The world's best. Here I stand. You can't find me anywhere else. I'm that rare. I am the mass of the masses. The lyrics of the new song. Here I am. I'm that rare. I'm that great, I’m the world's greatest.
Remember me when you are honoring your heroes. For a zero is needed to make one hundred one thousand. Me too I’m important. Me too I'm one of your own. Me too I’m somebody. My name is great.

When you walk into the library or a bookshop to buy books of great writers, do not forget to pick up one of my books. The cover may not be captivating; the title may be confusing, but didn’t your nursery school teacher tell you not to judge a chicken by the size of its plumage?
Remember to get a copy of my book too to read Because me too I’ve got something to tell you My book is that good. So good to be on the bestseller list There is something in there I wrote just for you.
Something to slake your dehydration.
I am water on my own. I am a certain kind of liquid that you don’t swallow. You don’t drink. You eat. You masticate. I am sweeter than sugar and honey mixed together. Forget about jam, mayonnaise or butter. They are not better than me. I’m best than them all put together. I am the poetry of my own metaphor. I am that good.When you need a genuine friend to friend, Come around my garden. I mean you can enter my cottage. My villa. That’s where you will get your vanilla or neapolitan or cappuccino ice cream to eat.
Go and tell everyone that Now you know who I am I am that Great. By the way my name is Richard. It is pronounced RichChild.
Say that again.
I mean, people like you win.
Because even in ashes, there is hope.

The Tale of an Orphan: A Lesson to Learn